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Air Filter


To keep an internal combustion engine operating, high-quality engine air filters are essential. For typical operation, the engine consumes 8 to 13 m3 of air, depending on the cubic capacity. Many negative abrasive pollutants are commonly found in the air. The latter, together with the air, enters the engine combustion chamber and deposits, along with other combustion materials, on the valves and cylinders.

Oil Filter


Oil filters are a critical component of any engine. It cleans the oil of abrasive particles generated by engine wear and keeps pollutants out of the combustion chamber. The oil filter continuously filters the engine oil during operation, ensuring that the engine and engine turbine work smoothly.

Cabin Filter


The respiratory system, in particular, is affected. When air from the outside is sucked into the cabin after turning on the vehicle's ventilation systems, the effect of a "vacuum cleaner" is created, making air quality inside a car often worse than outside. A high-quality cabin air filter is a great way to protect yourself from the detrimental effects of the environment.

Fuel Filter


Fuel filters are also an important part of a petrol or diesel engine's fuel delivery system because they remove dirt from the fuel, separate water, and ensure that the complete fuel supply system has a long service life. Metal spin-on filters and ECO cartridge filters are the two types of fuel filters.

+2000 types of car filters

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